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Superior Court Decision and Orders


Latest Decision and Orders
Posted: 7/17/2019
CF0222-19,    People v. Concepcion
    D&O re Mot for De-Certification, 7-12-2019
Posted: 7/17/2019
CV0426-18,    Peter, et al v. Gill, et al
    D&O re Mot to Join as a Party Plaintiff, 7-12-2019
Posted: 7/17/2019
CV0246-18,    Woska v. Woska
    D&O re Mot for an OSC re Contempt of Court, 7-12-2019
Posted: 7/17/2019
CV0204-17 ,    Quinene v. Imazu, Leap Corp and Leap Public
    D&O re Discovery Motions, 7-16-2019
Posted: 7/16/2019
CF0123-19,    People v. Duenas
    D&O re Mot for Bail Redetermination, 7-15-2019

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