Superior Court Decisions and Orders


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Posted: 6/10/2021
CF0059-05,    People v. Chiro
    D&O re Mot to Dismiss, 6-9-2021
Posted: 6/10/2021
CF0132-12,    People v .Callahan
    D&O re Mot to Limit Testimony, 6-9-2021
Posted: 6/10/2021
CV1074-20,    Personal Finance Center v. Solis
    D&O re Mot for Summ Jdgmt, 6-8-2021
Posted: 6/3/2021
DM0152-21,    Esepwak v. Esepwak
    D&O re Service by Publication, 6-2-2021
Posted: 6/3/2021
CV0978-20,    Atalig v. Toves, GEC
    D&O re Mot to Disqualify, Req to Strike, Mot for Summ Jdgmt, 6-2-2021

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