Superior Court Decisions and Orders


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Posted: 1/14/2021
CF0324-18,    People v. Evaristo
    Re Mot to Rel on Personal Recog or Third Party Custodians, 1-13-2021
Posted: 1/14/2021
CF0550-17,    People v. Scales
    Re Revocation of Probation, 1-13-2021
Posted: 1/12/2021
SD6115-20,    Taitingfong v. Richard
    Re Trial, 1-11-2021
Posted: 1/10/2021
CV0981-17,    Wise Owl Hospital v. Bustamante
    Re Mot for Summ Jdgmt, 1-7-2021
Posted: 1/10/2021
CM0201-20,    People v. Torres
    Re Mot for Dismissal, 1-7-2021

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