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Superior Court Decision and Orders


Latest Decision and Orders
Posted: 3/17/2020
CF0647-19,     People v. Cruz, J.
    D&O re Mot for Commitment Order and Exoneration of Bail, 3-16-2020
Posted: 3/17/2020
CV0736-14,    Zhoing Ye Inc. (Guam) v. Pacific K&C Corp.
    D&O re Mot to Enforce Jdgmt, 3-16-2020
Posted: 3/17/2020
CF0389-19,    People v. Kansou, H.
    D&O re Mot to Dismiss for Double Jeopardy, 3-16-2020
Posted: 3/16/2020
CV1196-18,    CV1196-18, Pareja v. Cunliffe, Admin for Estate of Chia-Ming Shen and Shi-Ming Shen
    D&O re Mot for Partial Sum Jdgmt, 3-13-2020
Posted: 3/16/2020
CV0780-13,    CV0780-13, Leevin Camacho, AG v. Dafne Shimizu, DRT, Lourdes Leon Guerrero, Gov, Atlas Amusement, Ent. Darryl Styles dba D&D Games, Guam Music, Inc. and Does 1-10
    D&O re Mot for Sum Jdgmt, 3-13-2020

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