Superior Court Decisions and Orders


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Posted: 3/20/2023
CF0720-16,    People v. Nakamura
    D&O Granting Revocation of Probation, 3-17-2023
Posted: 3/15/2023
CF0418-22,    People v. Cruz
    D&O (Finding Deft Not Competent to Stand Trial and Accepting Plea of NGRI), 3-14-2023
Posted: 3/15/2023
CF0040-99,    People v. Mori
    D&O (Mot. to Dismiss), 3-15-2023
Posted: 3/9/2023
CF0313-21,    People v. Moore
    D&O Re Deft.'s Mot. for Modification of Bail/Release, 3-8-2023
Posted: 3/8/2023
CF0315-22,    People v. Toves
    D&O Re Deft's Mot. to Suppress Evidence, 3-7-2023

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