Administrative Orders


Latest Administrative Order

Posted: 10/14/2022
Administrative Order 2022-007, Re: Relative to the Filing of Documents Via Email in the Supreme Court of Guam and the Superior Court of Guam

Posted: 8/17/2022
Administrative Order 2022-006, Re: Relative to COVID-19 Mask-Wearing and Social Distancing Requirements in Healthcare Setting Within Judiciary of Guam Facilities

Posted: 8/11/2022
Administrative Order 2022-005, Re: Reappointment of Jonathan R. Quan to Serve a Second Term as Magistrate Judge of the Superior Court of Guam

Posted: 7/7/2022
Administrative Order 2022-004, Re: Relative to Declaring July 22, 2022, A Special Holiday for the Judiciary of Guam

Posted: 5/3/2022
Administrative Order 2022-003, Re: Relative to Rescinding COVID-19 Mask-Wearing Requirement In Judiciary of Guam Facilities

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