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Rules and Regulations
  1. Judicial Hearing Officer Procedures
  2. Official Vehicle Policy
  3. Family Medical Leave Act
  4. Overtime and Compensatory Time
  5. Drug Free Work Place Policy
  6. 60 Day Rule on Adverse Actions
  7. Administrative Leave for Work Related Injury
  8. Code of Conduct
  9. DOC Sanchez Program In-House Policy
  10. Educational Career Enhancement Program
  11. Educational Leave Policy
  12. Employees on Flextime or Compressed Workweek Schedule
  13. Firearms in Conjunction with the Performance of Duties
  14. FMLA
  15. Goodwill Policy
  16. Interim Training Policy
  17. Loss, Damage or Theft of Court Issued Property
  18. Overtime and CTE Policy
  19. Responding to Emergency Calls
  20. Uniform Policy
  21. Administrative Rule No. 06-001 - Regarding Case Management & Disposition
  22. Grievance Policy & Forms
  23. Administrative Rule No. 10-002-01 - Special Process Server Regulations for the Judiciary of Guam
  24. Social Media Policy
  25. Language Assistance Policy for Persons who are Limited English Proficient (LEP) and/or Deaf or Hard of Hearing (DHH)
  26. Travel Policy
  27. Sunshine Reform Act

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