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These informational brochures were produced in accordance with the Judiciary's of Guam’s Strategic Plan to improve: Access to the Courts and the Delivery of Court Services.
The Judiciary of Guam does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, and age in the delivery of services (inclusive of educational programs or activities) to program participants and beneficiaries, employees, applicants and others.
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Introduction to the Court-Referred Mediation Program:

In its continuing  effort to improve access to justice by adding tools parties might use to assist them in resolving their disputes, the Judiciary of Guam recently adopted permanent rules regarding court referred mediation in civil cases. The May 21, 2014 rules can be found through the following link to Promulgation Order 06-005-06. Court referred mediation has been used at the Superior Court since 2005 when a pilot program was first developed and interim rules adopted. The pilot program was a success, as it provided a means for alternative dispute resolution for civil cases that came before the trial courts. The permanent program will further strengthen the delivery of justice to patrons of the Judiciary of Guam.

As part of the program, all parties in civil cases will be provided a copy of the judiciary’s mediation brochure, “How Mediation Can Work For You.” It is hoped that the brochure will help parties understand the program, and hopefully help guide them to resolution of their disputes.

The mediation rules explain that when a case is referred to mediation by a trial court judge, it will go to one of the “mediation service providers”  that have been approved by the Supreme Court of Guam. At present, there are two approved providers, Inafa Maolek and Pacific Arbitration and Mediation Services (“PAMS”). Information about Inafa Maolek can be found on its website, Similarly, the PAMS website is

Please feel free to contact the office of the Superior Court of Guam’s Clerk of Court at 475-3420 for more information about this, and other, exciting developments at the Judiciary of Guam.

Government of Guam
Judiciary of Guam
Federal Program Inventory

Program Name

  Grantor/CFDA No.

Federal Grant Award

FY2011 Guam Sex Offender Registry Notification Act Compliance Enhancement Project   SMART Office 387,300.00
FY2011 Guam Criminal History Improvement Program   BJS/ 16.667 150,000.00
FY2011 State Justice Institute Strategic Planning Initiative Project   SJI 37,150.00
FY2010 Sex Offender Registry Edward Byrne (JAG)   BSP 57,495.00
FY2010 CJRI Edward Byrne (JAG)   BSP 320,000.00
FY2010 JABG: Juvenile Drug Court Tracker   DYA 21,200.00
FY2012 DWI Court Project   DPW 97,389.00
FY2011 Compact Impact Funding for the Judiciary of Guam Case Management System   DOI/15.875 3,777,026.00
FY2010 STOP VAW   GCOFPO  24,650.41
FY2011 DWI Court    DPW 85,914.00
FY2010 OVW Specialized Domestic Violence Court Enhancement Project   CFDA No. 16.013 350,000.00
FY2009 Juvenile Accountability Block Grant (JABG)   DYA 25,700.00
FY2010 Recovery Act: State Fiscal Stabilization Fund - Case Management System   USDOE/ Governor's Office
   84.394 and 84.397
FY 2009 Juvenile Drug Court (JAG)   BSP 115,125.00
FY2009 STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program   GCO FPO/ 16.558 26,835.68
FY2009 Recovery Act Energy Conservation Project Proposal State Energy Plan   GEPA/GEO
CFDA #81.041
FY2009 Recovery Act Assistance to Rural Law Enforcement to Combat Crime and Drugs:  Guam Criminal Justice Information Sharing Improvement Project   BJA 
FY2009 Recovery Act:  Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Criminal Justice Information System Integration Project (CJIS)   BSP
FY2009 Recovery Act:  Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Adult Drug Court   BSP
FY2009 Recovery Act:  Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant - Sex Offender Registry National Act Compliance Initiative   BSP
FY2009 Recovery Act STOP Violence Against Women Formula Grant Program   GCO FPO
FY2009 G.R.E.A.T. Program: Project Safe Neighborhoods   BSP
FY2007 CJIS Integration Project   BSP 88,158.20
FY2008 JABG: Juvenile Drug Court Tracker   DYA 25,700.00
FY2008 Adult Drug Court Edward Byrne Grant (JAG)   BSP 28,700.00
FY2008 Justice Wide Area Network Edward Byrne Grant (JAG)   BSP 12,000.00
FY2008 Guam Mental Health Court Pilot Project   BJA/DOJ 250,000.00
FY2007 Juvenile Drug Court Project   BSP 52,936.00
FY2007 Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (JAG):  JWAN   BSP 12,000.00
    Total On-Going Projects for Calendar Year 2011 13,110,911.44
    Total ARRA Funds 7,118,104.95
    Total Non-ARRA Funds 5,992,806.49
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