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Board of Law Examiners - How to Apply
Registration Form - Complete the Guam Bar Registration Form which may be downloaded from the Supreme Court of Guam website or obtained at the Supreme Court of Guam during business hours. Please attach a current photograph to the registration.

NCBE Request for Character Report and Applicant Questionnaire Form -

Applicants must complete the Character & Fitness Investigation application process through the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), by logging on to the following link and completing the application process.  

Once completed, please print the NCBE Character & Fitness questionnaire and submit the original and one (1) copy  to the Guam Board of Law Examiners together with the original and one (1) copy of the completed Guam Bar Exam Applicant Questionnaire. Please retain a copy for your records, as information will not be available to the applicant after submission. 

The second page of the questionnaire contains the directions which applicants must follow. Careful attention should be paid to the directions. Incomplete or improperly prepared questionnaires may be returned to the applicant and may result in additional fees or inability to sit for the examination (see EXAMINATION DEADLINES).

Registration Fees:
Regular exam (2days)


Late filing  ($800.00 + $250.00)


Attorney’s Exam


Late filing  ($1,250.00 + $250.00)


For temporary admission


These fees are non-refundable.  Checks should be made payable to the Supreme Court of Guam.

Fingerprint card
- complete fingerprint chart information and contact Kathleen A. Peredo, Administrative Services Officer, Supreme Court of Guam at 475-3120, for fingerprinting and processing. Fingerprinting and processing fee $10.00.

Off-island applicants may contact their local police department or bonded notaries public for fingerprinting.

Official law school transcript- transcripts indicating an applicant's eligibility to take the examination are required DIRECTLY from the schools attended. Hand-delivered, faxed or unofficial transcripts are NOT accepted.

Transcripts may be received after the timely filing and late filing deadlines; however, they must be received by the day prior to the first day of the bar examination.

Certificates of good standing - submit with application current Certificates of Good Standing from all jurisdictions in which the applicant is admitted to practice law.


  1. Registration Form
  2. Certificate of Good Standing


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