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Welcome to the Judiciary of Guam
Mission Statement

The Judiciary’s purpose is to administer justice by interpreting and upholding the laws, resolving disputes in a timely manner, and providing accessible, efficient, and effective court services.

Vision Statement

The Judiciary of Guam will provide the highest quality of justice services, thus enhancing public trust and confidence in Guam’s independent and co-equal branch of government and becoming a model of judicial excellence. The courts will:

  1. Resolve matters and provide court services in a timely and efficient manner;
  2. Be user friendly, understandable, accessible, and affordable to court users through the use of innovative resources and practices;
  3. Have sufficient resources to support operations, programs, and services;
  4. Develop highly skilled and satisfied judges and personnel; and
  5. Be cost effective, accountable, and fiscally responsible.
Public Notices

Notice to Court Patrons

The Judiciary of Guam is experiencing intermittent outages on its website due to malicious web traffic being blocked by our security software. We are working to reduce these short outages. If you visit the site and it is unavailable, please wait a few minutes then refresh the web page.


The following document below is a list of persons who have unpaid/unanswered traffic citations filed with the Traffic Violations Bureau, Superior Court of Guam from January 1, 2007 to present.

You may appear at the Traffic Court of the Superior Court of Guam, at 120 W. O’Brien Drive, Hagåtña or the Northern Court Satellite, 132 West Marine Corp Drive, Dededo, to answer to the citation(s). You may also dispose of the violation(s) by paying the total amount owed online at www.guamcourts.org

Names will be removed from this list within one business day of receiving payment for the amount outstanding.

If you feel that your name has been listed in error or have any questions, please contact the Traffic Violations Bureau at 475 – 3424/3121/3274 or 300-7081/7082/7083.

Unpaid Traffic Citations

Posted 7/18/2019 - Judicial Council Announces Changes to Superior Court of Guam Fee Schedule

Please take notice that pursuant to Administrative Order ADM18-001, effective Tuesday, March 6, 2018 the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office intake/filing window and the Superior Court Clerk’s office counters, including the Northern Court Satellite will be closed at 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday. Only emergency filings will be accepted after 4:00 pm. The Superior Court Records room and the Probation Services Division intake counter will also be closed at 4:00 pm from Monday to Friday.


Latest Documents

People v. Ludwig, R.S.
D&O re Mot for Dismissal without Prejudice, 10-10-2019

Korea Res & Collection Corp v. Fadian Development, Inc. et al
D&O re Mot to Dismiss Complaint, 10-10-2019

People v. Cruz, E.T.
D&O re Mot to Revoke Probation, 10-8-2019

Rosario S. Bautista and Manuel C. Sholing, Plaintiff-Appellants, v. Francisco Torres, Individually and as the Previous Special Administrator and Now Executor of the Estate of Jesus U. Torres, Deceased, and Peter F. Perez, Defendant-Appellees. Daniel U. Torres and Barbara M. DeMello, Trustees under the Esteban Torres Family Trust Dated May 12, 1995, Intervenor Plaintiff-Appellees/Cross-Appellants, v. Rosario S. Bautista and Manuel C. Sholing, Intervenor Defendant-Appellants/Cross-Appellees and Gloria C. Sholing, Third-Party Defendant-Appellee,
2019 Guam 18, CVA16-020, October 9, 2019

People v. Acosta, B.
D&O re Mot to Suppress Info re Two Brown Shorts, Slippers, 10-3-2019

Procurement News

RFP 19-06
VOIP Telephone Services - Amendment 06

RFP 19-06
VOIP Telephone Services - Amendment 04

RFP 19-06
VOIP Telephone Services - Amendment 05

RFP 19-06
VOIP Telephone Services - Amendment 02

RFP 19-06
VOIP Telephone Services - Amendment 03


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